Monday, May 31, 2010

a shout out to my bff.

hey, there inseparable.

so, here is my best friend. her name is ashley.

she's actually pretending to knock on the bride and groom's wedding night hotel room, (brown chicken brown cow). what a little jokester. i won't mention that we ended up sleeping in the very next room.

oh, wait. yes i will.

anyway, she helped me shoot nick & beth's wedding. she did an amazing job! not only was this her first time shooting a wedding, but it was also her first time even using a professional camera. she's great! from what i gathered, she had fun. can't wait to do more weddings with you, ash! now it's time for you to buy a camera!

oh, and she also went and bought me iced coffee when i was really hot, busy, and thirsty. if that's not an amazing assistant, i don't know what is.

beauty to share.

i'm working away on nick and beth's wedding photography. i must say, i am pleased! the photos are looking really beautiful. i'm telling you, not only were they a photogenic couple, but their family and friends were too. and so pleasant! made for a great wedding to shoot.

my most favorite part of wedding photography are the photos of the bride and groom getting ready. i love how peaceful and happy, but yet nervous the bride & groom's faces look. and there is just something beautiful about a couple making themselves up for such a huge day.

with that being said, here are a few shots of just that. as always, click on the image to see it full-size.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

where it all began.

so, i had to post this one right away, because i thought it to be so darned cute. it's nick and beth in front of alumni hall - which is the studio where MU's architecture students spend most of their college career. also, it's how nick and beth met.

they're both architects if you haven't realized that yet.
give it a click to see it full-size.

it was a good weekend.

just arrived home not too long ago from oxford. i had the opportunity to photograph an old friend's wedding on the campus of miami university. it was sooo beautiful and so much fun. nick and beth were married in kumler chapel on miami university's western campus, and then held their reception at the shriver center, also on campus. they're the cutest.

i'm beginning the editing process of about 12 GBs of photos...i'll be posting favorites periodically. can't wait to get them all finished and sent off to the happy couple!

nick and beth, if you should read and your families were amazing!!! wonderful weekend, have a blast at the grand canyon...and don't fall off your mules!

more soon!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

new flash

i bought a new flash yesterday, and i am so excited about it.


Monday, May 17, 2010

welcome post

hi! thanks for visiting my new blog! as you probably know, i have decided that photography and design are two things that i really love. i've also decided that i want to do something for the rest of my life that has the two of them to do with it. for now, i want to start booking weddings and other events and start getting more serious in my craft.

i'm very excited about an upcoming wedding that i will be shooting this weekend in oxford, ohio. it's for an old friend that i met during my travels to miami university at a time when my best friends attended school there. and now...the happy couple will be finalizing a "miami merger" this saturday, may 22nd. to top it off, they'll be getting married at a chapel on campus and having the reception on campus as well. how sweet! i'll be sure to post a few shots when i return.

i've also booked a wedding this december 11th. i'm equally excited. the bride is just so cute and happy. and it will be a new challenge to shoot in the snow! more details on that to come.

throughout the summer i'll be shooting pro bono for friends and family to bulk up my portfolio and of course to be super nice to people i love by giving them a disc of amaaaaazing photography for free! : ) there are more details on this on my facebook niche creative photography page. check it out, ok? just click on the facebook badge on the bottom of my blog.

for now, i really want to share a few photos from an engagement shoot that i did for two of my very best pals, catherine and greg. they are actually getting married this july 9th! i'm so excited, and i'm in their bridal party. it will be so great! as with any photo post, you can click on the image to see it full-size.

enjoy the photos, and send a happy prayer of blessing their way.

okay, and this last one is just for laughs. my friends are silly.