Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hello, new year.

It's really quite cliche to post about the new year and your upcoming plans. But, it's a good thing to do. I'm a fan of New Year's Eve, it's one of my favorite holidays. Superficially, because I have an excuse to get dressed up, wear shimmery eye shadow, and drink too many Ketel One & tonics (with two lime wedges, please). On a real level, I love New Year's Eve because it's (duh) a new beginning. I believe that time is fluid and moves in a circular pattern more so than a linear one, but there's something about the bench mark of a year and realizing that you can start fresh that excites me.

And then, there's looking back. A year is such a digestible length of time that you can easily review and realize what you have (or haven't) accomplished. This year has been one of discovery for me. A lot of my old paradigms and patterns of thought have changed drastically. I've found an independence in me that I didn't know existed. I've missed my husband during his time of service, but we've had room to grow in our separation. For the first time in my life, I'm sure about who I want to become.

With that being said, some things that are in my mind for 2011 are immersing myself in photography. Shooting more. Producing more. Getting into the darkroom more, both the "digital darkroom" and the chemicals-on-your-hands-listening-to-your-ipod-living-under-safelights darkroom. Building my web presence. Establishing my business as a photographer. Shooting more weddings and making more money.

I also want to establish a community co-op darkroom somewhere in Cleveland. I don't know when or how yet, but I want to do it.

Niche Creative.

Beauty for Ashes.

Renting/selling our house. Moving to Cleveland, this quirky little city that I've grown to love.

On top of those dreams, I'm going back to school. Thankfully, I will be finishing somewhat soon. I love to learn and I love to meet like-minded people, but I've never been much for structured schooling. But to finish is a strong desire of mine, and that's what I am gonna do.

Speaking of like-minded people, I want to be surrounded with them this year. People with positive energy. Constructive criticism. Open minds. Big hearts. Great stories. Loads of passion.

I'll be closing a beautiful chapter in my life this January. I will be leaving my position as an Activities Director at a local nursing facility in order to pursue my goals. I've learned so much about myself and humanity in my two and a half years there, and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. I've met so many kind and tender friends, most of which happen to be over the age of eighty. It's hard to leave, but in my heart I know that it's time.

I hope that you all have as much to look forward to in this new year as I do.

As my best friend said to me the other day, "2010 was 'You Only Live Once' and 2011 is 'We're Makin' Moves!'"

Sweet blessings and peace.    


Sunday, December 26, 2010

december weddin' part two.


I trust that everyone had a lovely Christmas. Right? Well, I hope you did. Now that the holidays are over, I want to get back to posting a few more photos from the winter wedding I shot in early December. I hope you enjoy them!

By the way, as I'm posting these, I'm listening to the Avett Brothers. Specifically, the song "January Wedding." I just love it. So cute.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I'll be posting more photos of the last wedding I shot soon, but for now, I wanted to post a few photos that I took in Phoenix last year at my aunt-in-law's house. There's something about thinking about Phoenix on a freezing winter morning that soothes my soul.

My aunt has the quirkiest house ever. It's up on a hill that overlooks the city. She has four amazing dogs that run around her property. She gets up every morning and feeds about two hundred pigeons. There is something really funny and full of character to look at everywhere you turn. Summer nights when its pitch black outside but still 85-90 degrees are amazing out on her deck - red wine, good books, and great conversation.

I think we need to visit this summer.


Phoenix Sky

The Phoenix Zoo lets you feed the giraffes.

Dog Mouth Bird House

Phoenix Highway

Add caption

Miata parts - everywhere

Palm Tree Skeleton

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

winter wedding.

On december 11th, I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of a lovely couple. Want to see some of the photos?

One of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding is when the bride is getting ready. Not everyone knows what a process putting on a wedding gown is. Or how many people want to be involved in this process.

The photo below sums up a little bit why its great to be a girl.

More to come. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

everything is exhausted.

Good morning. I went to bed last night at nine pm, and fell asleep around midnignt. With my mind racing, I managed to lie there for three hours, wide awake.

We struggle daily with who we are, don't we? Sometimes it gets so damn depressing. Yet, I see this irrevocable glory and beauty in who I am as well. Sometimes I feel like my heart and soul are larger than life. Sometimes I feel like if given the chance to be anyone in the world, I would choose to be me. I know that may sound corny/cliche, or could be easily taken as arrogance.

I feel as if I'm my own worst enemy and biggest fan all at the same time. I judge myself critically and harshly and yet so often am so soft and easy on myself in other areas.

How does one deal with this? How do we love and respect ourselves but continue to push and motivate ourselves to grow and prosper?

Someone please, let me know.

Friday, December 3, 2010

i like this guy's skin


"...they live by intensities that the elderly have forgotten."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Edge

He said,
"Come to the edge."
I said,
"I can't. I'm afraid."
He said,
"Come to the edge."
I said,
"I can't, I'll fall off."
He said, finally,
"Come to the edge."

And I came to the edge. And he pushed me. And I flew.

-Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918)

I really love this quote. I have a great print of it on my bulletin board in my office. I'm finding my eyes lingering on it more often lately. Everything inside me is saying "Come to the edge." I've been afraid and stuck for so long, I feel I might sooner die of fear than of falling.

I've decided to go back to school next semester. I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm ready to move into something new. Actually, I should say that I'm ready to get back into what I love and what makes me come alive. Learning, art, design, having clear goals. I'm ready to get back into that culture. I've been trapped in the static for the past few years, and I'm finally getting some clarity.

Anyway, I'm really in the mood to ride a ferris wheel. Or watch Jaws. Hmmm.

photography is light

It's light painting the seemingly ordinary and creating a feast for the eyes. It's the closest we can get to really seeing things the way that someone else sees them. Photography freezes time. It conjures nostalgia and emotion. It comforts us. It reassures us.

It tells the truth.

I strive to be a photographer who tells the truth. I want the photography that I create to look like you. I don't want fake smiles or awkward poses. Something tells me that you don't want those things either.

inner battles

changing frequently, especially as regarding to one's loyalties, interests, or affection

admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering

Monday, September 27, 2010

whose bad? i'm bad.

i'm bad at being a consistent blogger! unacceptable.

on the bright side, i'm not bad at photography. or at finding good lookin' folks to photograph. eat your hearts out.

august 28th, 2010

i had the wonderful opportunity of photographing veronica and aleksander's wedded bliss. can i just say something? every wedding day couple should be this fun and laid back.

they were so, so cool.

and fun. and real cute. and it was a beautiful, sunshiny day.
see for yourself!

they live in the netherlands. as i type they are riding a bicycle built for two. i betcha.

speaking of bliss, cuteness, and fun...

i spent a lovely september afternoon with these engaged lovebirds...megan & rich. i captured a lot of great pictures of them because they are super photogenic, super in love, and super funny. they had me cracking up 99.7% of the time.

so, so fun.
check these two out and try not to get too jealous.

they're getting married in december, by the way! so fun. i can't wait to photograph their winter wedding...!
light posts. gentle snowflakes. powder. perfect lighting. rosy cheeks. *fingers crossed*

to save rich a little face with the menfolk, i did not post the photo of he and megan smooching under a sign reading "babycakes."

you're welcome.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


emma ping is the cutest little sweetheart that ever walked (or crawled around on) the earth.

she's got the cutest chubby cheeks, big blue eyes, and a smile that will give you a panic attack due to far too much cuteness in one little package.

with that being said, grab a paper bag or put your head between your knees.

Monday, May 31, 2010

a shout out to my bff.

hey, there inseparable.

so, here is my best friend. her name is ashley.

she's actually pretending to knock on the bride and groom's wedding night hotel room, (brown chicken brown cow). what a little jokester. i won't mention that we ended up sleeping in the very next room.

oh, wait. yes i will.

anyway, she helped me shoot nick & beth's wedding. she did an amazing job! not only was this her first time shooting a wedding, but it was also her first time even using a professional camera. she's great! from what i gathered, she had fun. can't wait to do more weddings with you, ash! now it's time for you to buy a camera!

oh, and she also went and bought me iced coffee when i was really hot, busy, and thirsty. if that's not an amazing assistant, i don't know what is.

beauty to share.

i'm working away on nick and beth's wedding photography. i must say, i am pleased! the photos are looking really beautiful. i'm telling you, not only were they a photogenic couple, but their family and friends were too. and so pleasant! made for a great wedding to shoot.

my most favorite part of wedding photography are the photos of the bride and groom getting ready. i love how peaceful and happy, but yet nervous the bride & groom's faces look. and there is just something beautiful about a couple making themselves up for such a huge day.

with that being said, here are a few shots of just that. as always, click on the image to see it full-size.