Tuesday, December 7, 2010

everything is exhausted.

Good morning. I went to bed last night at nine pm, and fell asleep around midnignt. With my mind racing, I managed to lie there for three hours, wide awake.

We struggle daily with who we are, don't we? Sometimes it gets so damn depressing. Yet, I see this irrevocable glory and beauty in who I am as well. Sometimes I feel like my heart and soul are larger than life. Sometimes I feel like if given the chance to be anyone in the world, I would choose to be me. I know that may sound corny/cliche, or could be easily taken as arrogance.

I feel as if I'm my own worst enemy and biggest fan all at the same time. I judge myself critically and harshly and yet so often am so soft and easy on myself in other areas.

How does one deal with this? How do we love and respect ourselves but continue to push and motivate ourselves to grow and prosper?

Someone please, let me know.


  1. I feel you lady!
    Continue to replace fear with love.
    Fear is the opposite of love, it helps me in many ways to remember this line somehow~


  2. thank you for this. good advice. there is no fear in love!